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Had a great time and the weather was reasonably cooperative on our roat trip to the Emerald City. The hotel, The Mediterranean Inn, in the Queen Anne neighborhood just north of downtown was terrific; reasonable rates, a nice room, fabulous views from our room and the roof, and a Starbucks right in the hotel. The only drawback was the underground parking garage had very steep slopes, and we scraped Betty's mufflers getting in and out.

Elliott Bay Cruise

PA230064 PA230067 PA230074 PA230081

Downtown Seattle and the Space Needle from The Mediterranean Inn

PA230013 PA230025 PA230038_1 PA230002_1

Downtown Seattle and the Space Needle from Kerry Park

I accidentally left my Thomas Guide map at work, so I had to rely on memory and made a number of wrong turns through the narrow streets on Queen Anne Hill before I found it. But the views were worth it. To save you the trouble, here's a map from Mapquest.

PA230020_1 PA230037_1 PA240040 PA240049 PA240047 PA240055

Elephant Car Wash

The Elephant Car Wash, with it's famous neon sign and 380 blinking blulbs is another Seattle icon, so naturally, I took Betty there for a wash so she'd look nice in the pictures we took.

PA230001_2 PA230002_2 PA230010_2 PA230011_2 PA240014 PA240017 PA240018
PA240019 PA240020 PA240024 PA240025 PA240028  

Museum of Flight

We didn't have time to go through the museum, but I was able to walk around outside and get a few pictures of some of the museum's larger planes, including a Concorde, the Boeing 747 prototype and the first presidential Boeing 707.

PA240069 PA240073 PA240076 PA240068 PA240074 PA240080 PA240081

Washington State Ferry

The Washington State Ferry system is a Seattle institution and the largest ferry system in the United States. We got in line early, so Betty had a prime spot; The trip across Puget Sound to Bremerton took about an hour and was very scenic. From Bremerton, I once again cursed the lack of my Thomas Guide map, so it took us a little while and a few U-turns before we found the highway that would take us back to Tacoma and I-5 south to Oregon.

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